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Text to Speech – New Functionality

Text to Speech allows users to play voice from text in many languages. The Addon provides a dedicated screen reader and takes advantage of the Web Speech API included in the user’s internet browser.

TTS addon together with the interconnected keyboard navigation is a perfect substitute for standard screen readers which don’t always provide sufficient support for mAuthor interactive educational materials.

More information on TTS is available in mAuthor documentation. You may also view a short demo presentation.

New Addon – Timer

Timer has just been added to a wide spectrum of mAuthor Addons. It allows users to insert a timer functionality to their presentations, which works in two modes: Timer (it counts time from the defined value to 0) and Stopwatch (it counts time up from 0). Timer is a great solution for all activities and games with a time limit.
More information on the Timer Addon is available in mAuthor documentation. We also encourage you to view a short demo presentation showing the Addon’s main functions.

Shooting Range Gaming Addon

The Shooting Range gaming Addon allows users to play a simple shooting game. Players are supposed to select all the correct answers in a limited time. The game can be restarted by using a proper command; it is also possible to view the scores and errors.

More information on Shooting Range is available in mAuthor documentation. You may also view a short demo presentation.

New Gaming Addon – Catch

Catch is a brand-new mAuthor Addon that allows users to play a simple “catch” game. Players are to “catch” as many correct objects as possible and they should try and avoid the wrong ones. The game offers three levels of difficulty.

More information on the Catch Addon is available in mAuthor documentation. We also encourage you to view a short demo presentation showing the Addon’s main functions.

New Header & Footer Options

mAuthor offers the possibility of defining multiple headers and footers for one lesson. Now each lesson page can have a different header or footer, not the same one as it was before. All headers and footers should be placed in Commons as previously and their page names need to start with either “header” or “footer” followed by any character, e.g. “header_activities”. The uppermost header or footer whose page name has no additional characters will be set as default.
In order to select an appropriate header/footer for a given lesson page, simply check a relevant option in the Page properties. You may also hide the header/footer – in this case select “None”.

Color Picker in mAuthor Editor

The editor offers now a long-awaited and highly helpful feature – Color Picker, which is available in all Addons and modules with an HTML Editor.

Now if you want to select a color in the editor, you no longer have to type it manually but simply pick a relevant shade from a color palette inside the picker area and click on it. All selected elements will change their color to your liking.

Improved Usability of the Course Management Editor

The mAuthor course management section offers a bunch of new helpful features that greatly enhance user experience within this area.

Now in order to build a new course structure, you can simply drag a relevant item from the “Available lessons” space on the left and drop it in the Table of Contents section on the right. Of course you may still use the “Add” and “Remove” buttons which now move on the screen when you scroll up or down. What is more, you can change the lessons order in the Table of Contents list by dragging them to a desired position.

More information on course management features can be found in mAuthor documentation.