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Documentation in the Addon Editor

In the Addon editor, there is now the possibility of creating a documentation page to describe the addon’s functions, possibilities, supported commands, styles, etc.

The process is very simple – just click on the Documentation page and enter the text using the Markdown Syntax.

The ready-made documentation can be instantly accessed from the lesson editor – when a custom module is selected, click on the question mark button in the module’s properties.

Sorting Modules

The new function has been added to mAuthor Editor – Sort modules. It enables sorting the modules automatically from top to bottom based on their position on a page.

The correct modules order makes it easier to use the keyboard navigation mode and the Autofill function in the Text to Speech addon.

For more information see the mAuthor documentation.

Increased Working Area in the Editor

Increasing the working area in mAuthor editor allows displaying all modules, even those located outside the editor window. Now while arranging modules on a page using e.g. a mobile layout, you may change the page width from let’s say 1000 to 500 px and all modules are still visible, thus the layout can be easily altered.

This functionality will be very useful especially while creating mobile responsive layouts based on a previously developed desktop default layout.

Items Editor – New Functionality

The mAuthor editor makes it now possible to drag and drop the elements from the Items Editor List.

To change the order of the elements in the Items Editor for modules such as TrueFalse, Table or Connection, simply click on the item of your choice, hold the mouse button and move the element up or down the list.

Interactive Character Animation

Iframe animation offers now the possibility of creating and embedding in the editor an interactive animation in the form of some kind of “avatar”. The animated character controlled by Advanced Connector reacts to various user’s actions, gives feedback or provides useful hints.

More information on this functionality is available in mAuthor documentation. You may also view a short demo presentation showing basic avatar’s features.

Pseudocode Console – New Scripting Addon

Pseudocode console is a brand-new scripting Addon that allows executing pseudocode and defining correct output for checking answers. It gives the possibility of selecting the code from Programming Command Prompt or calling executeCode from JS.

To learn more about the Addon’s functions, go to mAuthor documentation. We also encourage you to view a demo presentation.

New Addon – Page Progress Panel

Page Progress Panel allows using a ready-made page progress bar indicating the percentage progress made on a page. The Addon also displays such information as the number of correct answers, checks, errors/mistakes and maximum score. It is possible to enable or disable each of these properties.

More information on Page Progress Panel is available in mAuthor documentation. You may also view a short demo presentation.