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Color Picker in mAuthor Editor

The editor offers now a long-awaited and highly helpful feature – Color Picker, which is available in all Addons and modules with an HTML Editor.

Now if you want to select a color in the editor, you no longer have to type it manually but simply pick a relevant shade from a color palette inside the picker area and click on it. All selected elements will change their color to your liking.

Improved Usability of the Course Management Editor

The mAuthor course management section offers a bunch of new helpful features that greatly enhance user experience within this area.

Now in order to build a new course structure, you can simply drag a relevant item from the “Available lessons” space on the left and drop it in the Table of Contents section on the right. Of course you may still use the “Add” and “Remove” buttons which now move on the screen when you scroll up or down. What is more, you can change the lessons order in the Table of Contents list by dragging them to a desired position.

More information on course management features can be found in mAuthor documentation.

mAuthor Video Tutorials

We are pleased to let you know that we have recently published the brand-new mAuthor tutorial videos and they are available now in mAuthor documentation and on our YouTube channel.

We strongly encourage you to watch them and take a closer look at the numerous mAuthor features whose list is constantly expanding. We are planning on adding new videos soon so stay tuned!

Multiple Answers in Filled Gap

Now it is possible to define more than one answer in a Filled Gap mode in the Text module. This can be done by using the syntax for an editable or a draggable gap:

\filledGap{initial text|answer|another answer}, where the first value is a placeholder and the next two values are the answers.

More information on the Text module and all gap types is available in mAuthor documentation.

Programming Addons

mAuthor offers three new Addons specially designed for programming:

  1. Programming Comand Prompt – a Command Line, which allows users to enter the JavaScript code, and then execute it in the Grid Scene module.
  2. Grid Scene – a scene consisting of up to 40×40 squares that can be marked with different colors by entering the code in Programming Command Prompt, Blockly Code Editor or other Addons, e.g. Advanced Connector. It is possible to use the ready-made, pre-defined commands or create new ones.
  3. Blockly Code Editor – the editor, in which a user creates the program to be executed on the scene by dropping relevant blocks and joining them together. The Addon contains a huge base of ready-made blocks and different types of connections. It also enables creating variables and custom blocks.

More information on Programming Comand PromptGrid Scene and Blockly Code Editor is available in mAuthor documentation.

New Addon Available – Text Coloring

Text Coloring is a new mAuthor Addon that allows marking relevant parts of text with different colors. The user may pick e.g. red to underline all verbs included in the text and blue to mark all nouns.

More information on Text Coloring properties is available in mAuthor documentation. We also encourage you to view a short demo presentation showing the Addon’s main functions.

New Addon – Iframe

Iframe is a new Addon that allows embedding any html content into a lesson. The Addon works both in an online and offline mode so it is possible to link, e.g. an online website or to upload an html file with all its resources.

More information on Iframe is available in mAuthor documentation. We also encourage you to view a short demo presentation showing the Addon’s main functions..